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"Indigenous Traditions Renewal"

with Adam Shield of the Feather

Adam Shield of the Feather's life goal and mission is to help bring back to the forefront those globally indigenous and ancient forgotten principals, traditions, knowledge, ceremonies, and medicines that once had a place and meaningful influence in this world. Adam leads various workshops, takes groups around the world on what he calls SpiritQuest's, and uses indigenous healing and divination methods to help people on their path.



“Achieving Greater Health

and Happiness through

Esoteric Acupuncture and

Energy Management”

with Heather Bakner, L.Ac., LMT


Heather Bakner, L.Ac, LMT is an acupuncturist and massage therapist practicing in the Ashland area.  She not only practices Traditional Chinese Medicine, but also Esoteric Acupuncture, a system created by Dr. Mikio Sankey which combines sacred geometry with the needling sequences.  In her treatments, Heather utilizes cranio-sacral therapy in conjunct with esoteric and traditional acupuncture to help clear and align the energy body, which helps clients achieve greater health and harmony in all aspects of their lives; mind, body and spirit.


"Grow Young with HgH"

with Anita Stewart, R.N.

As a Holistic RN for 41 years, I can only recommend products I know are safe and effective. Energy Medicine and Intuitive Counseling are my passion, and helping people stay healthy and live to their fullest potential gives me great fulfillment. Life transforming sessions are done in person or by phone. Promoting a homeopathic HGH gel has been added to my business model as I have witnessed hundreds of transformations both physically and emotionally with continued use. It's in total alignment with everything I stand for at Bridges of the Heart.



"Profit & Wealth for the

Heart-Centered Business Owner"

with Kathy Kali

Do you have a heart-centered business?  Would you like to be more profitable, and build wealth for your family?  Kathy Kali, Money & Business Coach, and longtime Music & Dance Therapist, created the Conscious Living Fair as a way for her holistic clients to network & share about their work.  Kathy specializes in teaching intuitive business owners:  healers, coaches, teachers & leaders how to build wealth so they can make the world a better place!

kathy_be_DSC_0531fe 2.jpg


"How to Create a

Pollinator Garden"

with Kristina Lefever

Pollinator Project Rogue Valley envisions safe, healthy, and thriving pollinator habitat in every community, everywhere. We inspire and empower people to create beautiful and thriving gardens and landscapes within their communities to promote and protect the health of pollinators - for our food systems and ecosystems.We offer educational opportunities and resources about native bees, butterflies, and other pollinators, pollinator plants, healthy gardens and landscapes, and about pesticides and safer solutions.



"The Latest at Blue Giraffe Spa"

with spa staff

The Blue Giraffe is a beautiful boutique spa located just a few blocks from downtown Ashland. We offer both classic and contemporary spa therapies, including advanced medi-spa treatments. Come find out why we’ve been voted Best Spa in Ashland since 2005.  "Paradise is within, let us take you there."

blue giraffe logo_edited.jpg


"Biofield Tuning demo;

Vibrational Healing"

with Shannon Tinder of

Sacred Living Center

Shannon Tinder, LMT provides Biofield Tuning and Nathan Tinder, LMT provides massage.  Sacred Living Center offers multisensory healing opportunities based in integrative, nourishing massage, sound therapies, and conscious breath-work.  Let us help you clear the drag from your system and shine your radiance.


1:30 pm

"Making Space; Women of Color

in Spiritual Leadership"

with C.J. Thomas


C.J. Thomas is a 200-Hour Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher with an affinity for the cycles of the moon. She holds space as a priestess in red tents and facilitates circles on various topics like consent, moon manifestation, vaginal steaming, Ayurveda and so much more! Her goal is to make space for more women of color in the spiritual world to feel confident stepping into leadership roles.


"Inspirational Music" 

with Kathy Kali


Kathy Kali has been singing all of her life, thanks to musical parents, and has always used music as a way to heal, rejuvenate, and inspire herself and others.  A longtime folk musician, Kathy has entertained audiences of all ages with her sweet Joan Baez-like vocals, positive lyrics, and upbeat guitar rhythms.  Kathy's original songs have been enjoyed by such communities as Center for Spiritual Living, Ashland Artisan's Market, and Whole Earth Expo.


"Inspirational Music"

with Rev. Andy Anderson

Andy Anderson has been playing spiritual music for over 20 years.  As a New Thought Minister, Andy also carries a deep love & wisdom for humanity, which comes forth in his rousing, inspiring vocals & piano work.  Andy has been performing all over the country at spiritual centers & conscious gatherings.  We are lucky to catch him in Southern Oregon!

andy anderson.jpeg


"Mind Your Peace and Cues;

The Path to Inner Peace"

with Rev. Kimberly Hawkins

Reverend Kimberly Hawkins is an ordained minister and the dynamic Spiritual Director of Center for Spiritual Living Rogue Valley in Medford, Oregon.  Rev. Kimberly has an M.A. in Counseling, with a background in teaching and counseling both at-risk and college-bound adolescents.  In addition, Rev. Kimberly spent ten years in television news as a reporter, morning anchor, and writer/producer of television documentaries and specials for PBS.



"Ayurveda for your

Modern Lifestyle"

with Neeta Singh of Neeta Naturals

Neeta Image.jpeg

Neeta Naturals, a botanical skincare company, is a collection of luxury skincare products and perfumes that are result-driven and handcrafted in Ashland, Oregon.  Neeta’s product line was created with integrity, authenticity and honesty to support your choice of beauty and health-inspired lifestyle.  Neeta Naturals Skincare is simple yet sophisticated; products include facial masks, facial oil, hydrosols/toners, and neem & sandalwood oils.


"Healing at the White

Lotus Day Spa"

with spa staff

white lotus.jpeg

Welcome to the White Lotus Day Spa, a soothing and tranquil oasis designed to help you leave the stress of the world behind. Relax with a relaxing massage; rediscover beauty with a world class spa facial that uses only the finest organic products the industry has to offer or rejuvenate those tired feet with an essential oil rejuvenating spa pedicure.  Allow all of your senses to indulge as delightful scents fill the air with soft calming music to induce relaxation and allow your stress to melt away.


"Chanting for Wellness"

with Advash Nua

Advash Nua headshot.jpg

Advash Nua is a singer, vocal artist, spiritual teacher, and healer from Israel who lives in Ashland. using the voice, singing, breathe, movement and spiritual guidance to support people’s paths and raise the collective vibration. She has explored ancient cultures and lived with Indian tribes in Brazil. She developed a method combining various tools to empower, transform & heal their physical, spiritual and emotional selves. 

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