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“Cravings, Weight Gain and the
Blood Sugar Roller Coaster”
with Charlotte Fisher,
Nutritional Health Coach
at Natural Grocers

Natural Grocers  CharlotteFisher IMG_743

Achieving your healthiest weight is not about dieting or even pure willpower, but rather understanding how certain foods affect blood sugar levels and appetite. Learn how nutrient-dense meals support healthy metabolism and which nutrient supplements support healthy blood sugar levels and appetite control.


Natural Grocers is your neighborhood organic grocer offering everything from organic produce to free range eggs to health coaching and more. We are committed to nutrition education, affordable pricing, quality products, our community and our hard working good4u crew.


“Crystal Bowl Sound Healing”

with Kathleen Johnson,



Kathleen Anne Johnson is a professional crystal singing bowl and sound healing artist. She is a Nurse Practitioner who incorporates Healing Touch and Sound into her Holistic Family Practice in Southern Oregon. Kathleen founded the 'Crystal Song School of Sound Healing Medicine' to teach the skills and gifts of sound healing to others through the power of alchemy crystal singing bowls, voice, tuning forks, drumming and hands-on-healing. Kathleen's sound has been described as angelic, and transports the listener to the transcendent, expanded space of peace and love, where all healing is possible.


"Grow Young with HgH"

with Anita Stewart, R.N.

As a Holistic RN for 41 years, I can only recommend products I know are safe and effective. Energy Medicine and Intuitive Counseling are my passion, and helping people stay healthy and live to their fullest potential gives me great fulfillment. Life transforming sessions are done in person or by phone. Promoting a homeopathic HGH gel has been added to my business model as I have witnessed hundreds of transformations both physically and emotionally with continued use. It's in total alignment with everything I stand for at Bridges of the Heart.



“How to Bring Joy Back into Your

Life” with Jane Andrianova of

Violet Flame Healing & Guidance

When was the last time you truly felt joy and happiness? If you can’t remember, it’s time to bring those wonderful feelings back into your life.  Jane shares some tools from how she rediscovered joy and happiness and the inspiration to live to her full potential.


Jane Andrianova combines intuitive guidance with energy work, which includes helping people with emotional struggles, stress & depression.  Jane can help with removing blockages and balancing chakras, assist with understanding what people are going through and why specific events are happening in their life.

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“Turning on the

Transformation Gene

with Will Wilkinson,

author of The Noon Club

Will Wilkinson OFFICIAL headshot.jpg

Humanity 2.0 is being born. Planet Earth is in labor and, like all births, it’s sacred and dangerous. Whether both mother and child survive and thrive depends on the midwives – individuals who volunteer to play this role, for themselves and for others.


During this presentation, participants will experientially download a new human operating system (described as “causing an effect”), to replace their expiring O.S. (the Newtonian familiar “cause and effect”), then install the new program through quantum exercises that activate transformational abilities, enabling ordinary individuals to begin functioning as extraordinary members of the caring network for this transition.


Will Wilkinson has written or co-written over 30 books on spirituality and self-improvement. He presents at conferences, moderates panels, conducts interviews, and collaborates with world changers of all types. His Noon Club initiative invites individuals to pause at noon for a conscious prayer.


“Vibrational Health” with

Therese Holliday of Rogue Health

Therese brings decades of experience, professional training and wisdom to the table. From Pranic Healing and medical massage to nutrition, use of essential oils, implementation of biofeedback and brain integration technique - her compassion for helping those in search of true health is limitless. Her passion is to give us "Options".



“Science of Mind”

with Reverend Kimberly Hawkins,

CSL Rogue Valley

Rev Kimberly is an Ordained Minister of Religious Science. She has a Master's degree in Consciousness Studies from the Holmes Institute, and was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from Tufts University. She has served as a Staff Minister at Namaste Center for Spiritual Living in Long Beach, CA, and is currently the Senior Minister at Center for Spiritual Living Rogue Valley (Medford).


2:00 pm

“Cash Flow for Healers,

Artists, Coaches & Leaders"

with Kathy Kali,

Money Coach & Fair Founder

kathy_be_DSC_0531fe 2.jpg

Do you have a heart-centered business?  Would you like to be more profitable, and build wealth for your family?  Kathy Kali, Money & Business Coach, and founder of the Conscious Living Fair, shares spiritual & practical techniques for wealth-building.


Kathy's passion is to help holistic business owners prosper.  She created the Conscious Living Fair as a way for her clients to network & share about their work.  Kathy specializes in teaching intuitive business owners:  healers, coaches, teachers & leaders how to build wealth so they can make the world a better place!


"Socially Responsible Investing;

Making Money while Doing Good"

with Melanie Madden,

Certified Financial Planner


Melanie Madden headshot.jpg


“Abhynaga; An Ayurvedic

Wellness Practice”

with Neeta Singh,

Neeta Naturals Skin Care

Neeta Singh shares about How Abhyanga practice can help promote your wellness and health.   Neeta will go over what is Ayurveda, what is Abhyanga, why to include in your lifestyle/benefits.   A daily Abhyanga practice restores the balance of the doshas and enhances well-being and longevity.

Neeta Singh, A organic skincare formulator and Bollywood dance Fitness enthusiastic is founder of Neeta naturals. An Ayurvedic beauty wellness and skincare company. We make highest quality facial oils, face masks, serums and toners. Our natural perfume is certified and great for aromatherapy.

Neeta Image.jpeg


“The Secrets of CBD”

with Stacy Page

of Market Street CBD

At Market Street Wellness, our vision is to create a healthy community that educates, motivates and empowers people to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors. We bring a natural holistic perspective to health. We believe life is inspired by health and happiness and continue to carry the largest selection of therapeutic CBD products including CBD flower, chocolates, CBD edibles, oils, salves, lotions, tinctures, and more.

Market Street CBD logo.png


“4 Seasons in 4 Weeks;

The Female Hormonal Body Clock”

with Suzanne Mathis McQueen,

author & teacher

suzanne mathis mcqueen headshot.jpg

Suzanne Mathis McQueen is an author, feminist, inspirational leader, and carrier of a water medicine bowl gifted to her in the Lakota Way. She is best known for her work with the symbolism and primal wisdom of the lunar rhythmic female hormones.Much of her work is about using ancient ways and wisdom to solve today’s challenges, as well as the use of “natural rhythm principals”, a word she coined in her book, 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks.

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