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SPEAKERS July-Sept 2023

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10:00am~”Reclaiming Your Core Essence” with Heather Bakner, LMT, L. Ac.


11:00am~”Shamanic Healing” with Ernie Flores, Shamanic Practitioner


12:00pm~”Change Your Breath, Change Your Life;  An Introduction to 9-D Breathwork” with Nikki Clifton of Catalyst Breathworks


1:00pm~”The Science of Spirituality” with Sol Santos of This Modern Mystic


2:00pm~”How to have a Money Miracle!” with Kathy Kali, Money Coach & Fair Founder




10:00 am~”Energy Boosters to Incorporate into your Day” with Keira Lani of Tree Gong


11:00 am~”Stretching with the Fascia in Mind” with Abigail Southgate


12:00 noon~” The Elements of Life: How What We Consume Affects Metabolism” with Sarah Dunfee of Bhumi Shakti Ayurveda


1:00 pm~”Give, Save, Spend;  How to Build Wealth AND Change the World” with Kathy Kali, Fair Founder & Money Coach


2:00 pm~”Somatic Healing & Nervous System Regulation” with Infinity Wasserman

JULY 2023

10:00-10:30 am~”Creating Your Most Magnetic Offers! Authentic Marketing for Small Business Owners” with C.J. Thomas of Simply Healthy Marketing


11:00-11:30 am~“Can Medicinal Mushrooms really Help with Healing Cancer?”  with Kommany AngelStar of Maha Mushrooms


12:00-12:30 pm~”The Super Patch” with Silas Smith


1:00-1:30 pm~”The Misfit to Mystic Chronicles” with Swan Ramachi, Author


2:00-2:30pm~”The Elements of Healing” with Keira Lani of Tree Gong Healing

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