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Come and enjoy healing & inspiration from our supreme group of coaches, teachers & practitioners.  Receive a session, sign up for an inspirational class, purchase a product.. Mini-Sessions of healing work are generally $10-$30, and affordable healing & inspirational products are also available.  Attendees will leave the event pampered, nurtured, and inspired! 


For Vendor bios of all 60 vendors see your desktop/laptop, for Healing tips visit the Discussion on our facebook event page.

Vendors April 27th 2019


Alexis McKenna, Ph.D., MFT

Alexis McKenna, Ph.D., MFT, has been a counselor, coach and educator for many years.  Her primary focus has been on the interior landscape~the inner world of symbols, imagery, and personal story~and the way it influences our understanding of ourselves and our world.  Currently, she is. completing her advanced level training and certification in Guided Imagery and Music.

Healing Tip:  "Music impacts all 4 lobes of the brain; it can reach places that words alone cannot reach. Pay attention to the music in your life. When possible, listen to instrumental music that you find supportive or uplifting. Prepare a "magical music" kit for your home, office or care. Listen to the music that you know supports you; your mind, body and spirit will thank you!"

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Billie Jo Vinson~Wellness Pet Supplies

Wellness Pet Supplies is a business with a conscience.  The owner Billie Jo Vinson combined her herbal degree, background in nutrition and professional pet care skills to create an environment where pet. parents can relax knowing every product has been thoroughly vetted and is at the safest and highest quality.  This includes items and advice regarding issues ranging from diet, allergies, emotional issues, glandular imbalances and much more.


Healing tip:  "Almost all health issues and diseases begin in the gut. The immune system starts in the digestive system, so when we feed our pets food that is overly processed, contains fillers, inappropriate carbs, GMOs and pesticides, and vague ingredients, your pet will eventually pick up the tab with compromised health. The good news is that there are other options such as raw food, canned food, and even a few brands of baked kibble that use more species appropriate binders such as sprouted peas or quinoa."

Center for Spiritual Living Rogue Valley~Reverend Kimberly Hawkins

Reverend Kimberly Hawkins is an ordained Religious Science minister and the dynamic Spiritual Director of Center for Spiritual Living Rogue Valley in Medford, Oregon.  Rev. Kimberly has an M.A. in Counseling, with a background in teaching and counseling both at-risk and college-bound adolescents.  In addition, Rev. Kimberly spent ten years in television news as a reporter, morning anchor, and writer/producer of television documentaries and specials for PBS. 

Healing Tip:  "When “Yes” is Less.....To de-stress and  re-energize, carve out a regular personal “sabbath” time, devoted to self-care, rest and renewal.  It can be any day of the week, part of a day, even an hour or so.

Say “no” to all outside distractions and focus on what allows you to be still and listen to your heart.  You might choose to light a candle, sit in quiet meditation and focus on your breath, read something uplifting, journal, or take a silent walk in nature.   The possibilities are endless; the results- a more relaxed and centered you!"

Dan Höering | All Points Organized | Life. Positively in order.

Dan is a true Renaissance Man! All Points Organized is a multifaceted organizational business service to improve the wellbeing of your life. Six Distinctive Services: Organizing & Downsizing, Computer Consulting, Fitness Coaching, Car Detailing, Personal Chef & Grocery Shopping.

Healing Tip:  "Organize your spaces! Garages. Spare Rooms. Attics. Sheds. They all need work that you don’t want to do. Heal the anxiety of your mind and have Dan the Renaissance Man reorganize, rid the clutter, and help you regain order in your spaces! You’ll feel better, be liberated and healed in mind and body. Science shows that clutter, disarray and things that remain a mess cause chronic stress, weight gain, slows down cognitive processing and causes ongoing stress. Reorganize today! Dan will not only reorganize your belongings, he’ll teach you how to remain organized by periodic reshuffles!

Jacqui Watts~Beauty By Jacqui

I am a wife and a mother, but I am also a woman who wants to help uplift other women.  I believe that every woman should feel beautiful no matter what their age.

Healing tip:  "Taking care of your skin is very important. Skincare is like taking a prescription from your doctor. You get the best results when you stick to taking it the same way at the same time. It's the same way with your skin, especially when you have a regime that is especially made for your skin type." 



Dr. Luke Schmelzle~Tail of the Sun Network Care

Dr. Luke is a Network Spinal Chiropractor with Tail of the Sun Network Care in Ashland.  Dr. Luke specializes in liberating stress energy stored in the nervous system, muscles and tendons.  With a focus upon Reorganizational Healing, practice members will not only feel better, but access more of the good things in life.

Healing Tip:  "What’s your favorite fairy tale? In fairy tales, traditional stories, and heroic myths, the characters are forced to endure the entire spectrum of impossible, tragic, unjust situations. They transform their lives completely. Such tales are very therapeutic because the patient finds his or her own solutions, resolving inner conflicts that ultimately change the external conditions, too. Using the lens of health and healing, take a closer look at your favorite fairy tale. What can a fairy tale teach you today about your own health & healing?"

Eleyah Knight, L.Ac., Siskiyou Clinic of Natural Medicine

Eleyah is a licensed acupuncturist and focuses her Chinese medical treatments on whole family health at all ages and phases.  She integrates ancient, holistic, nature-based medical wisdom with an ever-expanding understanding of present-day health factors to address modern conditions.  Her practice emphasizes patient empowerment, self-care, and intimate connection with innate healing capabilities and systems within the patient, which are activated through acupuncture needles and various other traditional Chinese-based modalities.  

Healing tip:  "Our youth hold the power of our world's healing. Are we giving them the best options for their own health and capability to adapt to and live in a confusing, constantly changing world? Natural, holistic, Chinese-based medicine activates and teaches self-healing processes. It needs to be a first-response approach instead of potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals. Have you thought of how safely and effectively treating the root and whole aspect of our youth could impact our future?"

Family Massage Education Center~JoAnn Lewis, LMT, CEIM

FMEC provides weekly Massage Classes to the public for Couples/Singles, Pregnant Partners, Parent-Baby and Family Massage. We have a monthly Couples Massage Weekend Retreat and a “Happy Hands and Feet” Footsoak - Reflexology class. Our medical professional classes center around Pregnancy Massage, Vitaflex-Tibetan Massage and Instructor trainings for the classes listed above. The Purpose of the Family Massage Education Center is to promote positive communication and care by learning and sharing healthy, nurturing massage for our daily lives. 

Healing Tip:  “With four simple guide words in mind, it is possible to learn to give a great massage. 1. Ask~for what the person receiving massage wants. 2. Listen~to be sure you understand what they want. 3. Trust~to massage with loving care. 4. Praise each other~when it feels right and it’s going well, gratitude is the final stroke.”

Jamila Suzanne~Aromatherapy & Massage

Jamila Suzanne offers therapeutic massage & DoTerra essential oils.  DoTERRA oils are gently and carefully distilled from plants that have been patiently harvested at the perfect moment by experienced growers from around the world for ideal extract composition and efficacy.  Each doTERRA essential oil is also carefully and thoroughly tested using the strict CPTG(Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) quality protocol.  

Healing tip:  "Allergy season is on its way, doTerra essential oils are here to help support you! A couple drops of BREATHE blend placed on the palm of your hands then rubbed together and cupped in front of your nose and mouth (but not touching your face) act as a natural inhaler. Rub your hands on your chest after. Also the softgel, Tri-Ease is a mixture of lemon, peppermint and lavender. When taken internally, it acts as both an astringent and natural antihistamine." and

Elise Fox~Rose Compresses & Kerrianne Bee Beeswraps

The practice of herbal compress treatment was taught to me by Micha Merrick from Esalen and it is based on her understanding of a traditional Thai method of herbal compress massage. I am greatly honored to share with you today at the Ashland Conscious Living Fair. I am also sharing the Forest Healing Center and Bee Sanctuary proposal which is emerging at

Healing tip:  "Notice what is growing in your area and think about how you can form symbiotic relationships. I like fir tip tea, calendula oil, rose petals and hips, lavender. You can do a herbal steam or soak. Or come visit my booth and learn how to make a botanical compress. This relationship with the plants will nourish and sustain you."

Kathy Kali~Conscious Money Coaching

Kathy Kali is a Conscious Money Coach and Creator of the Wealthy Woman Program & Money Makeover Class.  As the Founder of the Conscious Living Fair Kathy loves to help heart-centered entrepreneurs build thriving businesses.  Her mission is to help artists, healers, ministers and coaches prosper so we can help create a better world.

Healing Tip:  "Want to manifest more money? Give away some money! Find a place or person or group that inspires you, and give to them out of your real gratitude and appreciation without any expectation of return. This changes your inner feeling from one of lack: "I don't have it" to PLENTY: "I have it to give." And when you feel abundant, you attract more money!"

Madeleine Sklar MS Interdisciplinary Studies: Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, With a Focus on Women's Issues


 I've bring 57 years of involvement with the Tarot, plus my life and relationship experience, deep listening ability and Love into my work. I Am devoted to empowering people to access their inner wisdom let the Unifying Holy Presence within, guide and clarify their vision, ground their dreams and create more joy in their relationships and life.

Healing tip: "I believe Creativity is Love--And that it is also what keeps Love Alive. It isn't something to hang on a wall (although some can) or make money for you (although it may) it is a way of living with Curiosity, Openness and Wonder. If we are able to open ourselves to be Response Able we can be Creative. And we can love."

Karen Parnell~Orenda Healing Arts

Karen Parnell is a Teacher & Certified Himalayan Chakra Singing Bowls Practitioner and has trained in different healing modalities, including Eden Energy Medicine, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Shamanism and Applied Kinesiology.  Karen is the owner of  Orenda Energy Arts Holistic Wellness and Educational  Center in Medford where she offers individual, couples and group private sessions and hosts group meditations with The Singing Bowls.  Orenda Energy Arts also offers many classes in a variety of different healing modalities on an ongoing basis.

Linda M. Held~Psychic Readings & Coaching

Linda Held offers intuitive readings, counseling, classes & spiritual retreats.  She encourages self-appreciation, beauty, spiritual development and movement to life’s rhythms.  Linda also provides tinctures & flower essences from her store made in Mt. Shasta. 

Healing Tip:  "What works to clear the mind is always meditation, going for a walk, breathing in fresh air, especially in nature, clearing our bodies of any negative energy.  It is good to write in our journals, especially gratitude lists for the simplest things, then you are more on track for the divine to access you!"  ~Linda M. Held

Lynnea Forderer~Ayurvedic Practitioner

Lynnea Forderer has been a therapist for over 25 years in the fields of massage therapy, yoga, and hypnotherapy.  Her focus now is Ayurveda, the ancient treatments from this wisdom, and Cranio-sacral Therapy.  Ayurveda is a 5000 year old science, wisdom, and deep understanding of life.  The primary goals of Ayurveda are to protect from disease and then to nourish one back into health and harmony in all levels of our humanity.  Lynnea offers ongoing classes and workshops facilitating health and wellness.

MaryJayne Starre, R.N., IHMC~Prime My Body CBD Oil

MaryJayne Starre is a Women’s Health Practitioner offering guidance and support in Integrative Health.  MaryJayne has served the community for 16 years as a midwife, and nurse birth attending, in home and hospital settings. Mary Jayne specializes in Integrative Medicine, Hormone/Menopause balance, Adrenal & Gut Health, Liver Detox and endocannabinoid body deficiencies.

Mystique Mish’s Psychic Boutique~Readings & Reiki 

Mystique Mish’s offers unique items from around the world(India, Egypt, Turkey, etc.) such as jewelry, crystals, books & candles.  The Boutique also provides psychic tarot, crystal ball readings, palm readings, reiki sessions and past life regressions.  

Healing tip:  "Past life regressions are a wonderful way to explore the depths of your personality to the deepest of its roots. Travel through your past lives to discover old talents that lie dormant in you. Heal karmic debt from the past to open the channels in this life, conquer phobias that could be inflicted on you from those lives of the past, and tap in to knowledge to heal more souls in this life."

Neeta Naturals~Neeta Singh

Neeta Naturals, a botanical skincare company, is a collection of luxury skincare products and perfumes that are result-driven and handcrafted in Ashland, Oregon.  Neeta’s product line was created with integrity, authenticity and honesty to support your choice of beauty and health-inspired lifestyle.  Neeta Naturals Skincare is simple yet sophisticated; products include facial masks, facial oil, hydrosols/toners, and neem & sandalwood oils. 

Healing Tip:  "For many of us the start of spring often comes with new routines and schedules and we forget to put self-care as a priority. Here is a 3-minute, simple self-care beauty tip everyone can do and benefit from: Stand in front of the mirror, look into your eyes and gently say to yourself, 'I love you'. See the beauty of who you are, just as you are and let yourself smile inside and out. Start your morning with this simple practice and see how it transforms your day!" ~Neeta Singh, Founder of Neeta Naturals

Parma! Vegan Parmesan Cheese & Sister River Foods

Sister River Foods (formerly Eat in the Raw) was founded by Shannon River in 2000 with the belief that eating healthful and minimally processed foods is a major key to feeling our best. Our recipes are simple, nutritious and great tasting. Parma! Vegan Parmesan is made in small batches with great care -- we send our love and healing intentions into every batch.

Penny Herman, M.A.~Still Waters Peace Counseling

Penny Herman, M.A., has been offering a holistic approach to emotional healing for men, women,   children, couples, and families for over 27 years. She creates a safe environment in which to explore personal issues of unresolved emotional problems, relationship issues, major life transitions, trauma, and stress.  Penny approaches all therapy from the level of mind, body, emotions, and spirit so that healing can occur on all levels.

Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library

Established since 2002, RVML's unique collection of books, audiobooks and DVD's has grown to among the largest of its kind in the world. Areas of focus include: spirituality, science, consciousness studies, health/healing, personal development, paranormal, ET/UFO and  much more. The adjoining Awake Tea & Espresso Cafe' & Gallery is a friendly community hub for artists, thinkers and visionaries, offering organic, fair trade beverages with an international character and healthy grab and go menu items.

Healing tip:  "Need a friend?  Curl up with a good book!  Throughout history, books have been known to be good for the heart and soul.  They can inspire, give guidance and perspective.  With a book you have complete control over when, where and how long you can be with that friend.  In "Titus Andronicus' William Shakespeare encourages the audience to 'come and take choice of all my library and so beguile thy sorrow'".

Scott Blair~Scott's Rocks & Gems

Crystal and mineral enthusiast Scott Blair has been the premier mineral dealer in the Rogue Valley since 1992.  His website, details his extensive show schedule as he travels the west coast each year doing gem shows from Seattle to Los Angeles and all places in between.


Healing tip:  "Take a beautiful stone and hold it in your hand. Try to feel what it holds for you~the energies within it; where it came from so that it could be with you at this particular moment, sharing whatever it has to share with you~its mystery. Do this as much as you like and then, when you are ready, pass that stone on. Just hold it one more time and then let go of it."


SOCAN(Southern Oregon Climate Action Now)

Southern Oregon Climate Action Now(SOCAN) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to educate the public about the. science of global warming and its climate consequences.  We also try to stimulate individual and collective action to address the problem.  We consider sustainable living to be the essence of conscious living and a critical element in addressing global warming.

Healing tip:  "Is your diet sustainable? Join SOCAN at the Conscious Living Fair to measure your "food" footprint"

Market Street CBD~Stacy Page

Stacy is the owner of Market Street CBD in Medford, which focuses specifically on CBD.  At the same location but a separate store, Stacy also owns Market Street Wellness Dispensary.  Stacy's vision, at Market Street CBD and Market Street Wellness, is to create a healthy community that educates, motivates and empowers people to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles.

Healing tip:  "While CBD oil is used all year long, it can be particularly helpful during the change of seasons between Winter & Spring. Coming out of the cold and lack of sun from winter, CBD can often relieve depression, chronic pain, skin problems, anxiety issues, and arthritis. Using CBD oil, CBD edibles, and applying topic salves and lotions will help combat the worst effects of pain, skin issues and late winter blues."


Cathy Morton~Aurora West Productions

Teaching the teachers and healing the healers, Cathy Morton is the founder of Crystal Color Reiki. She offers private sessions, Crystal Color Reiki workshops and the Wind Beneath Your Wings Mentoring Program in her home town of Ashland, as well as Alaska, California, Hawaii and New Mexico. She is also the keeper of the Grandmother Buffalo Drum and holds community drum circles and meditations.

4 Hand 2 Hearts Crystal Reiki Team~Jane Perkins & Keely Meagan

4 Hands 2 Hearts Crystal Reiki Team is a collaboration between certified practitioners Jane Perks and Keely Meagan.  Working together with clients amplifies the nurturing energy, creating safe sacred space for clients to relax, release, and receive.  Jane and Keely are joined by their Aurora Crystal Reiki(ACR) Master Cathy Morton, founder of the ACR School here in Ashland, Oregon.

Healing tip:  "Ground, ground, ground!  In other words, hang out in your body!   This is important:  when your spirit is fully in your body, you are safer, more effective, and able to access joy.  There are so many good ways to ground:  walk on the grass, imagine roots coming from the bottom of your feet and growing into the Earth, or hold a large grounding stone like obsidian or smoky quartz.  Above all, track the sensations when you ground; the longer you pay attention, the deeper the grounding can go."

Angel Star Tax and Accounting Services~Kommany P. Leazer

Greetings! My name is Kommany P.Leazer and I offer Tax & Accounting Services as well as Medicinal Supplements, Healthy Baked Goods, Hemp Products, Medicinal Skincare & More! I love to bring Health, Wellness & Abundance to the community by sharing Tax Tips and Business Building Insight as well as products that can help foster growth and healing.

Abundant Heart + Abundant Mind = Abundant Life.

Healing Tip:  "We are Creator Manifestors. In order for us to build health, wellness and abundance in our lives we have to think it into Reality. We live in an abundant universe accessed within our Sacred Heart and what we ask for, we receive. So, we must make sure to ask for what we desire as if it is already been given and received, then gratitude is the state of being as the universe conspires to bring about our desires. Abundance is kNOW!"



Pam Lott, Clutter -relief Specialist & Owner, simplifize™ life

"I was born with a sixth sense for organizing, but I always took it for granted. I thought everyone could see what I saw and make it happen. Combining my organizing superpowers with a coaching and design background, I created simplifize life because it takes organizing AND simplifying to put the "OHM back into your home”  and create peaceful, relaxing spaces that look, feel and function great so you can too!" ~Pam Lott​

Healing tip:  "Your most powerful clutter clearing(and manifesting) tool is clarity. When you make space to get clear, you immediately know what's cluttering up your life, draining your energy, and keeping you stuck. And it effortlessly begins to leave your life, making room for what you do want. So get clear about what's important to you, then align your "stuff" with your goals by keeping those things that support who you are becoming and what's important to you."

Angie Thusius~Kentro Body Balance

As a young woman I suffered a serious back accident; my distress was not remedied by osteopathy or other therapies, including my certification in Iyengar Yoga. In ’86, I created Kentro (Greek for ‘center’), the only method that helped me completely overcome my pain and stiffness. Now, at 76 years of age, I move with vitalizing comfort, haven’t lost height, and feel fit as a fiddle.

Healing tip:  "How would you like to sit (anywhere) with vitalizing comfort and ease? Simply sit at the edge of a fabric wedge (jacket, pillow etc.), place one leg out front and slant the other leg with the foot close to the chair, creating stability, letting your relaxed pelvis stretch freely as you bend back and forth to eat, type, etc. Relax the shoulders and bring your arms back, letting your spine straighten on its own. No need to “correct” your posture; the Kentro centering guidelines revive dynamic, enjoyable motion, through your activities!"

Bunny Lewis~Lasting Wellness with Juice Plus

Inspiring Healthy Living around the World, we are united in a Healthy Living Revolution to help individuals and families be healthy. We offer the most researched nutritional product in the world ofplant powders in a capsule and gummy form, shake mix powder and bars.We also have encapsulated plant Omega oils and an aeroponic growing system called the Tower Garden to grow your own fruits and vegetables.

Healing tip:  "Healthy living is about getting back to the basics. Everyone needs the nutritional foundation that comes from eating a diet rich in a variety of fruits, vegetables, and berries. Unfortunately, many people can’t or won’t eat the recommended servings every day. That’s why the Healthy Living Revolution recommends the Juice Plus+ products as a powerful way to take healthy back."

Christine Hunter-Robertson, M.A. C.Ht.~Ascending Soul

Christine is an empath and intuitive who has adapted spiritual regression hypnotherapy for awakening souls to align with their mission or purpose.  Christine also offers coaching, counseling and spiritual support for life changes, healing trauma and deepening spiritual connection.

Healing tip:  "If you are highly sensitive, intuitive and empathic you are more likely to worry, experience anxiety and feel easily overwhelmed.  Learning to embrace your uniqueness and how to use your attributes to the fullest is empowering and brings you into alignment with your soul's purpose.  Start the day with meditation to. balance and open you to all the possibilities available for you.  Go to AscendingSoul on for free meditations.

Dr. Mark Force~Dr. Force Chiroractic

Mark Force has been practicing as a chiropractic physician for more than 30 years.  Mark's practice includes applied kinesiology, lab interpretation, clinical nutrition, applied kinesiology, acupuncture, and diagnosis.

Healing tip:  "Breathing is one of the most important moderators of your nervous system.  To breath fully, breath deeply enough to expand your pelvic floor muscles.  Breathing through your nose also directly relaxes your nervous system."

Jade Reader~Coach, Trainer & Healer

Jade Rehder is a Multi-Dimensional Coach, Empath Trainer, and Healer. She created her very own modality KLEAR Channel Healing® Technique, and is a passionate advanced master practitioner of the ancient Hawaiian practice Huna La’au Kahea. Jade shares from her life experiences ways to live a life filled with Love, Light, and Aloha.

Healing tip:  "The awareness that your words are powerful energy is the beginning. When you consciously switch your language patterns to ensure that you’re speaking your desires into existence, you step into the role of conscious co-creator. Using the tool of language to shift into a deeper and more intentional state of self-realization. Through becoming more consciously aware of how your physical actions including your words affect your long-term results, you realize more and more of your dreams.”


Joanna Friedlander~Phoenix Rising Holistic Therapy

Joanna Friedlander is passionate about facilitating deep healing and empowerment for her clients. Her compassionate nature and experience as an IFS practitioner create a safe and promising space for nurturing profound growth and inner transformation. She has been formally trained in the Internal Family Systems model, Reiki, and Holistic Health Counseling.

Healing tip:  "Listen to your inner voices- the voice of joy, the voice of sadness, the voice of skepticism or self-doubt. Listen with openness and gentle curiosity. Begin to notice each of these voices as coming from separate and distinct parts. When you have entered a compassionate, curious, calm, and grounded place you have entered the space of your Authentic Self- the place from which all healing arises."




Happy Feet Reflexology~Christopher Allen Neumann

Setting the standard for Therapeutic Foot Reflexology, Massage and

Bodywork.  12 Years of Experience. 950 hours of certified training. Over

1000 clients. Expect a superlative experience on and off the table.

Healing tip:  Getting the Feet seriously worked on is for almost everyone. It’s needed. Happy Feet Therapeutic Reflexology is helpful for emotional, mental and physical wellbeing; Grounding. Energizing. Supportive. Powerful. Relieving. We hope to see you so you can see for yourself!

Rev. Colleen Lemma, C.Ht. and R.M.P. ~Sacred Soul Empowerment

Rev. Colleen Lemma is a Star Seed Astrologer and Spiritual Messenger who is here to assist in the empowerment of others through her consultations, healings, and teachings. She works with the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and our Star Brothers and Sisters of the Light to awaken others to the truth of their Divinity. Colleen is an empath, intuitive reader, professional astrologer and numerologist, Certified Hypnosis and Past Life Regression Consultant, Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, and through her messages and various modalities of healing, is here to assist and guide others on their Path of evolution and growth to awaken to their soul’s true potential.

Healing tip:  "Beautiful crystals are our gift from Earth Mother Gaia and each one has its own special vibration to assist us in various aspects of our lives. Use Smoky Quartz to assist in grounding when you are anxious, Amethyst to open yourself to Universal Oneness during meditation, Rose Quartz for self-love and relationship healing, Citrine for abundance and prosperity and Clear Quartz to send energy and power towards your goals and intentions that you wish to manifest in your life. Allow the energies of our Earth Mother to guide you on your Spiritual Path!"






Deborah Perdue~Author, Spiritual Practitioner & New Age Publisher

Deborah Perdue is the author of several books on Gratitude, available at Sharing the power of gratitude is her passion and calling! She teaches workshops, classes and facilitates retreats. Ms. Perdue is a licensed practitioner for the Center for Spiritual Living in Grants Pass.

Ann Southcombe~Author & Animal Advocate

Ann Southcombe started her thirty-five plus years of her heart to heart work with animals in 1970 where among other animals, she raised seven baby gorillas. Her next adventure was being a mom and teacher to a gorilla named Michael. He was the companion to the now famous gorilla, Koko. She ended her formal animal career at a wildlife rehabilitation center where she fell in love with squirrels. There were many wonderful animals in-between including seven years as a mom and teacher to Chantek, a young orangutan at the University of Tennessee at Chatanooga.

Suzanne Mark~Ashland Neurofeedback and Therapy

Suzanne Mark, owner of Ashland Neurofeedback and Therapy specializes in helping clients achieve deep integration of stuck patterns, and development of breakthrough strategies. Since 1999, she has taught Releasing Workshops internationally in English and Spanish and has assisted thousands to find their strong, capable, peaceful core. Working with gentle humor and compassion, she uses Microcurrent Neurofeedback and other supportive therapies to help people get unstuck quickly from mTBI, Anxiety, ADHD, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Trauma and many more. She is passionate about helping people heal because she healed her own brain injury, depression and life stuckness.

Diahana Barnes~Spiritual Sales Coach

Diahana (pronounced Diana) - is an award winning trainer, speaker, author and spiritual business coach who has owned her own 6 figure coaching and online business since 2006.  Her mission is to help 10,000 coaches, healers and heart-centered entrepreneurs easily attract clients and become the Harmonious CEOs of their business.  She gives CEO-Minded entrepreneurial women a simple 3-step process taking you from “Occasional Clients” go consistent clients so that they can have total business "Zen" around manifesting money and attracting clients.

Healing tip:  "These three steps will help you tap into your spiritual self, remove errors and mortal mind and open the path to receiving money, balance, and harmony.
Step 1 Honor:  How can you honor more of who you Spiritually are?

Step 2: Appreciate:  What are 2 to 3 things you are grateful for right now?

Step 3: Root.  Ground yourself in your intention for doing this process.  What is your spiritually inspired desire?"

Gabrielle Adele~Soul Leadings

Gabrielle’s experience as a clairaudient and intuitive began as a child.  Her journey is marked by cross-over experiences that shaped her personal evolution and deepened her connection with her Soul Group (and Divine Source).  Her passion and commitment to Spirit led her to seminary 34 years ago, fueled by a desire to blend clinical and spiritual support for those seeking healing and empowerment.

Healing tip:  "Centering into the Quiet Stillness: Connect with the spiritual purpose of your life, discover the tools and resources to energize your own healing, and become empowered.  Discover the great beauty in transforming your Self and your Life, in the midst of any circumstance through SPIRITUAL MENTORING.  Present Moment Living:  SELF-AWARENESS COUNSELING moves you into Present Moment Living – a practice that will allow you to experience barriers to responsible self-expression, enable you to resolve core issues/beliefs and remove limitations that block you from your true Self."

Michele Zagorski~Zagorska Hemp Body & Beauty

We left our engineering jobs on the east coast 21 years ago, and since then we live connected to nature, taking care of God's animals, eating clean food we grow ourselves, and breathing mountain fresh air in the Colestin Valley with happiness and peace.  We nurture our hemp organically to extract its goodness into our body and beauty products.  We dig the holes, fertilize with manure by hand, and care for our plants every step of the way, farm to face, to ensure the highest quality, potency, and love in every product.  You will feel the "farm to face" hemp oil extract, botanicals, and essential oils promote a restored spirit as well as outer beauty, because we are as focused on your heart as we are on your skin.

Healing tip:  If you have dry, mature, or inflamed skin, consider an organic CBD skin care regimen.  Cannabinoids are extremely anti-inflammatory and anti-aging, and as skin cells contain cannabinoid receptors, there is amazing therapeutic potential, especially for those with dermatologic conditions. Hemp CBD oil also contains several vitamins which are great for skin! "

Our Family Farms, Rhianna Simes, Director

In 2014, Our Family Farms Coalition led the successful ballot measure campaign to ban genetically engineered / genetically modified crop production in Jackson County, Oregon despite a $1 million opposition campaign funded by Monsanto. In 2016, Our Family Farms incorporated as a nonprofit charitable organization with a mission to educate, advocate and inspire farmers, policy makers, and the community at large to support regenerative agricultural practices and traditional seeds. Regenerative agriculture is a holistic, organic management approach that increases biodiversity, builds soil health, protects watersheds, and supports other ecosystem services.

Healing tip:  "You are what you eat….When people understand where their food comes from, they can begin to understand its real value. As G. Russolillo said, “we buy food everyday, but it is an act that can change the world.”

So Float Spa~Director, Jamey Kirschel, LMT

Jamey Kirschel has been a licensed massage therapist since 2005.  She specializes in using unique and effective techniques to manage pain, stress & anxiety.  Recommended by doctors, sports trainers, and therapists, mineral spa floatation therapy is gaining popularity as a luxurious escape and an extremely powerful tool for strengthening the immune system and improving health. In the sound-proof and light-proof heated spa filled with 1,000 pounds of healing, soothing Epsom Salts, clients float away mental stress, physical stress, and chronic pain. Floating also has been shown to improve creativity, increase skin tone, and enhance athletic performance.


All Your Cares, In Home Support Services

Amanda Kell-Scobie is the owner of All Your Cares In Home Support Services, LLC.   Amanda had the idea of one day owning my own caregiving agency several years ago and have since, made that dream come true!  Mrs. Kell-Scobie has worked in all areas of senior care including foster care, in home care, assisted living, long term care, hospital and skilled nursing.  She is also an aspiring RN, awaiting acceptance into a Fall 2019 nursing program!

Healing tip:  "We understand the decision of hiring help to provide care for your loved one can be challenging. With us, we take the guesswork out of the equation. Our staff is available to answer questions, perform assessments, and truly offer the care your family member really needs, even at odd hours of the day!"

Denai Fuller~MoonFlower Medicine

Denai Grace Fuller is a Belizean born, free spirited, Mama of fire, who has been a Tarot Guide, Spiritual Healer and Flower Essence Practitioner for over 28 years.  She has currently developed a product line of flower essences, dedicated to her deceased daughter ISA and inspired from her home country of BELIZE!

Healing tip:  "'The world laughs in flowers' - Ralph Waldo Emerson “Mayan spiritual healing techniques depend wholly on the benevolent help of the plants and flowers to cleanse and renew one's physical, emotional and spiritual body. No matter the circumstance: fatigue, grief, stress, sadness, abuse, PTSD, the evil eye, ghosts, attachments, etc...A Mayan spiritual bath will bring relief and reprieve. I invite you to come experience the power of the flowers with me through a water purification ritual."

Nhimsa Champanieri, L.Ac., Golden Way Acupuncture

Nhimsa's voyage into the exploration of Eastern medicine began as a. young girl in her home kitchen on the principles of Ayurveda with her mother.  Nhimsa gracefully integrates Eastern medical diagnosis & treatment methods of acupuncture with the wisdom of Eastern Herbal Medicine.  Deeply listening and supporting women of all ages is a primary aspect of her clinic here in Ashland.

Healing tip:  "Healthy Spring Acupuncture Diet: Follow these tips for a healthy spring diet that supports the liver. *Eat light~overeating can tax the liver. *Eat greens~sprouts, spinach, kale and dandelion greens are great foods in the spring. *Drink milk thistle tea~detoxifies the liver. *Season your food~pungent spices like basil, fennel, marjoram, rosemary, caraway, dill & bay are excellent for spring cooking~and taste amazing."

Valerie Garcia, Lemurian Wellness

Aloha!  I am Valerie Garcia, a local artist of the Mount Shasta Community.  I offer muscle therapy and organic skin care services.  My company, Lemurian Wellness, delivers a wholesome approach to beauty & fitness.

Healing tip:  "Self care is KEY! Using the best ingredients to nourish our skin & proper muscle therapy techniques promotes the well-being of our tissues for optimal performance of the body. Honoring the body, we can create the space of equilibrium for the mind & spirit."

David Sun Todd, Healing Mandalas & Healing Services

David Sun Todd is an evolutionary teacher, world-healer and visionary artists.  With his late wife, Bonnie GoldBell, he pioneered a new form of sacred art, creating over 1000 mandalas and iconic photographs of the natural world.  David has created a comprehensive system of healing and evolutionary transformation for people and places that includes personal and group programs along with many art-based healing tools.

Eden Paulazzo, Prime My Body

Eden Paulazzo is a certified Master Holistic Health Coach, hemp educator, and mom.   She is passionate about a functional nutrition approach to health and wellness, and educating on the benefits of supplementing with broad spectrum hemp oil.  Her mission is to empower people through education, and help them to tap into their body’s own innate wisdom about what works best for them.

Heartsong Nutrition

Heartsong Nutrition is family owned and operated.  We offer healthy smoothies, organic fresh juices, espresso, and a wide variety of supplements.  Our goal is to give the community a healthy mind, body & spirit.

Healing tip:  "The best way to heal the body is a lifestyle of juicing and drinking balanced smoothies~low in sugar, high in fiber and fats, along with micronutrients. Over time these cleanse the body, boost metabolism, and increase energy."

Shannon Tinder, LMT & Biofield Tuning

Shannon Tinder provides Biofield Tuning and Nathan Tinder provides massage.  Sacred Living Center offers multisensory healing opportunities based in integrative, nourishing massage, sound therapies, and conscious breath-work.  Let us help you clear the drag from your system and shine your radiance. 

Healing tip:  "When sacred space is created, healing happens.' Make time each day, whether 5 minutes or much more, to breath into your center, and create receptive space. Sit in a quiet place inside or on the earth. Breath all the way through your body, visualizing breath into every cell. Feel the energy of the earth meeting you with a grounding presence. With each breath, welcome a softening of every part of you and all around. It is within this stillness that all the answers await you."

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Karen Campbell, Broken Wing Counseling & Tarot Reading

I am Karen Campbell…I have played with, studied, shared, taught, and read professionally The Tarot since 1960. I have over 100 decks and always bring a good selection so you can choose art that appeals to you. A tarot reading can give you clarity where there was uncertainty, peace where there was chaos, and guidance from your highest self (the angel on your shoulder). Tarot is still popular after 600 years...and for good reason!

Healing tip:  "The magic of healing with Flower Essences is such an intrinsic example of Spring coming to the rescue! 'I believe flowers are keys. Keys that open your heart', said Camilla Blossom. And the Tarot Pentacles connect us to Earth and Flowers and Stones...and healing on a physical level. Come get a Tarot Reading and Get Connected to the elements in a whole new way."




Nicole Person, Energy Is Magic, Vibrational Remedy Sprays

Since 2000, Nicole Person has provided 1000+ energy clearings for people, businesses and places. Her vibrational remedy sprays bring in positive energy to facilitate change and healing. Using a Vibrational remedy can help with identifying thoughts, emotions and unhelpful patterns and programs that you can identify, shift and release.


Healing tip:  "Nature provides the tools we need to take care of ourselves. One of my favorite ways to clear and recharge is salt. Add a handful of sea salt to a bath after a long day to clear stagnant energy from your field. Add essential oils like lavender to relax, spruce to alleviate pain, or rosemary to help creative ideas flow."

Rose Woodfinch, LMT of Massage Loft

Rose Woodfinch recently opened Ashland Massage Loft, a convenient and sweet little studio, in downtown Ashland.  Rose has been licensed and certified for 16 years and enjoys applying her techniques to assist you to come home to your body, allowing the mind to rest in the present, and attune the heart to the now.  Explore a more unlimited you with her unique and individualized approach utilizing Deep Tissue to Relaxation style massage and energy work.

Healing tip:  "Hydration is a key to well-being. Drinking water with a pinch of salt will hydrate your body faster, giving you plumper and healthier tissues. Take your health into your own hands and add more glow to your life with this simple tip!"

Kerrianne Bee~Mind Your Own Beeswraps

Mind your own beeswraps, reusable beeswax food wraps was inspired by making hive cloths with my bee sisters of the College of the Melissae, Center for Sacred Beekeeping. I’ve put much care into fine tuning my recipe of wild crafted pine resin from the Mt. Shasta area, beeswax and organic jojoba oil. 

Beeswraps are a great alternative to plastic which eventually finds its way to the landfill or even our Oceans, and when used with care, will last up to one year. 

The bees bring us many gifts, one of them of course being wax. When we respectfully harvest and give gratitude for the wax, the bees are happy to supply us for sustainable uses. Let us give thanks to the bees for their many blessings!

Norine Nicolson~Intuitive Reader

My journey doing Readings, sitting with those who come before me, has opened like a Flower over the years, ever expanding.  My Insights have been honed by my 38 years of Spiritual studies including Native American Shamanism, A Path of the Feminine, Vedic Wisdom, Meditative Practices, and communing with Nature.  Some of the Psychic Tools I have found True for Spirit Guidance include ~ Tarot, Angels, The Divine Feminine, the Animal Kingdom,  Numerology, Mandala ~ the Healing Pentacle, and Colours.  Now I invite YOU to sit with me.        


Healing Tip: I have found Self Forgiveness and Forgiveness of All others, no matter how angry, righteous or hurt i am, Forgiveness eventually sets me Free. I wish this for you too.

Robin Benatti~Intuitive Reader

Robin Benatti holds an MA in Consciousness Studies and 2 Certificates in Dreamwork. Born into a family of intuitives, Robin combines her metaphysical knowledge with her academic background in cultural and religious studies. In addition, Robin has been involved in the Recovery of the Indigenous Mind: a movement that encourages individuals to connect with their personal ancestral history as well as the history of the land they reside on. She will be offering readings utilizing Tarot, Oracle, Lenormand, Dreamwork and Candle Magick.


Healing Tip: "Never discount the power of your dreams. 80% of our sleep time is spent dreaming yet most us fail to remember them in the morning. Our dreams offer us wisdom, guidance and connection to the divine. By creating a daily dream ritual we can learn to better access the valuable information they convey."

Heather Bakner, L.Ac, LMT 

Heather Bakner, L.Ac, LMT is an acupuncturist and massage therapist practicing in the Ashland area.  She not only practices Traditional Chinese Medicine, but also Esoteric Acupuncture, a system created by Dr. Mikio Sankey which combines sacred geometry with the needling sequences.  In her treatments, Heather utilizes cranio-sacral therapy in conjunct with esoteric and traditional acupuncture to help clear and align the energy body, which helps clients achieve greater health and harmony in all aspects of their lives; mind, body and spirit.

Healing tip:  "Our body is a miraculous self-harmonizing instrument, and like a guitar, when we take time to tune the strings or the meridians we can play in a beautiful and optimal way.  Thus, through practices like Esoteric Acupuncture and the Four Directional Model, we can not only achieve greater physical health in the body, but also attune to our Higher Selves and the Spiritual Heart.  When we are grounded and in alignment with our center we can manifest creative visions and aspirations, healing in platonic and procreative relationships, and a greater connection to all levels of our being."

Kasey Schweikert, Whole Body Wellness Facilitator

Kasey is a Shamanic Practitioner, Sound Therapist, Channel/Psychic, Egyptian Numerologist, Flower Essence Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Rocks and Reiki Master & Herbalist. Her practice and teachings utilizes the energy and wisdom of crystals, sound, plants and flower essences. As a sacred energy practitioner and teacher she strives to “empower others to empower themselves,” through understanding how to connect to the source that connects us all.  Kasey is also the owner of Sundance Healing Arts & Yoga Studio in Grants Pass, where she facilitates monthly Sound Baths & Guided meditations on the first Saturday of every month, workshops/classes and offers private work and sessions.

Healing tip:  "Return to the Breath.  A simple and powerful exercise that you can do anytime, anywhere is the following:  Take a minute to close your eyes. Take in a long deep breath.  Feel your entire lungs filling up with clean, pure air.  When you release, breathe out all of the air in your lungs, while visualizing any stress or tension leaving your body. Repeat this several times until you can feel yourself feeling centered and grounded."

OHRA~Solutions for Low-Income Residents

Options for Helping Residents of Ashland (OHRA) helps low income people build better lives. By offering hope and access to social service resources, we encourage those in need on the path to self-sufficiency.  By helping people move from crisis to stability, OHRA builds more capable individuals, stronger families and a better community.

Candy Morasch~Arbonne Independent Consultant & Area Manager

Educate, enrich, and empower...that is my mantra, my mission and why I embrace Arbonne and rewarding, asset income business.  I am passionate about helpign people look and feel better from the inside out through our R59 Anti-Aging skincare and 30 Days to Healthy Living nutritional rebalancing products.  I coach, train and support Arbonne business builders to create a part-time, home-based, asset-income business to leave a generational legacy.  Thank you, Arbonne!

Healing tip:  "Avoid addictive and allergenic foods including corn, gluten and soy which can cause inflammation and create an acid body ph.  Arbonne products are vegan-certified, gluten-free, kosher-certified and cruelty free certified, plant based, pure, safe, & beneficial.  Arbonne combines the best of science and nature for healthy living inside and out.

Epic Elizirz~Organic Cacao Drinks & Confections

Epic Elixirz is owned by Epicurean Collective, a community of friends 
interested in discovering the ways to indulge in life’s pleasures that 
create enjoyable long term results for ourselves, our communities and 
the environment. Like Epicurus of Ancient Greece, we believe we can be 
our best selves by measuring our pleasure in ways that won’t let us down 
in the long run. 

Healing tip:  "The natural world provides us with all we need to both nourish our 
bodies and hearts and souls. We experience pure cacao as a portal to 
open hearted joy and creativity as well as nourishing superfood."

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