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The $5 entry fee gets you in the door to enjoy all of the presentations throughout the day.  Some of our featured vendors will present a class or talk in their area of expertise.  Talks/classes will cover a variety of Body, Mind & Spirit themes, and will take place in the Galaxy Ballroom.   


10:00 am "Soul Flow Movement Meditation” with Gwendolyn Terra

Gwendolyn is a Mystic Muse, Sacred Movement Facilitator, Integration Constellations Guide and Sacred Heart Gardener. Living and Guiding Transformational, Heart Opening, In-Bodied Sacred Movement and Divinely Inspired and In-Bodied Experiences across the U.S. with individuals and groups for over 20 years . Her Divine mission is to cultivate Sacred Spaces designed to Open our Hearts to the Blessings we are and to Nourish the Growth of our Humanity in more IN tuned ways with the Earth, our Spirit, and each other as we learn to live our Divinity IN our Humanity.

10:30 am "The Magic & Alchemy of Labyrinths" with Ophelia

Ophelia is a Guide, Counselor & Teacher.   Initially using oracle cards she created,  Ophelia allows the client to open the door to what is asking to be revealed.  Ophelia uses numerology, astrology and other wisdoms to assist people in finding the answers, revelations and clarity they are seeking.

11:00 am "The Cosmology of Wholeness" with Kelley Springer of Love Wisdom Power

Love Wisdom Power~Paths to Wholeness has been Kelley Springer’s practice for 26 years teaching whole self loving.  Kelley Springer developed an Inner Child Healing process called the Song of Returning.  A successful teacher/guide, she is known internationally as well as in the USA for her ability to do what works to bring you all the way home to who you are.

11:30 am "Young Living Essential Oils & Aromadome Therapy" with Julie Chertow, Essential Wellness

Local Ashland resident Julie Chertow is the innovator and creator of the newest Aromatherapy modality AromaDome.  Julie provides AromaDome sessions, AromaDome and diffuser packages, essential oils, and her book, AromaDome, Changing Lives One Breath at a Time.  In addition Julie offers Ningxia Red Juice Energy Drinks and essential oil infused baked goods.

12:00 pm "Healing Practitioner Meet & Greet" with CLF Staff & Fair attendees

Conscious Living Fair staff moderate a fun networking event for healers, coaches, practitioners & the public to learn more about what great healing resources our community has to offer.  Bring your business card and be ready to share about your gifts & services!


12:30 pm  "My Love of Ayurveda" with Lynnea Forderer, Ayurvedic Practitioner

Lynnea Forderer has been a therapist for over 25 years in the fields of massage therapy, yoga, and hypnotherapy.  Her focus now is Ayurveda, the ancient treatments from this wisdom, and Cranio-sacral Therapy.  Ayurveda is a 5000 year old science, wisdom, and deep understanding of life.  The primary goals of Ayurveda are to protect from disease and then to nourish one back into health and harmony in all levels of our humanity.  Lynnea offers ongoing classes and workshops facilitating health and wellness.

1:00 pm   "How to Give a Great Massage: An Interactive Demonstration" with JoAnn Lewis, LMT, Director of Family Massage Education Center

FMEC provides weekly Massage Classes to the public for Couples/Singles, Pregnant Partners, Parent-Baby and Family Massage. We have a monthly Couples Massage Weekend Retreat and a “Happy Hands and Feet” Footsoak - Reflexology class. Our medical professional classes center around Pregnancy Massage, Vitaflex-Tibetan Massage and Instructor trainings for the classes listed above. The Purpose of the Family Massage Education Center is to promote positive communication and care by learning and sharing healthy, nurturing massage for our daily lives.

1:30 pm "The Power of Pelvic Holistic Therapy" with Dr. Ajana Miki of Ashland Natural Medicine

Dr. Ajana Miki is a naturopathic physician and an acupuncturist who has been practicing natural medicine for over twenty years. She has a unique combination of skills which allow her to assess and support healing from different perspectives. Dr Miki’s primary focus is on women’s health, supporting pre-menstrual to post-menopausal ease.  She also offers acupuncture for both men and women, addressing everything from musculoskeletal issues to stress relief to acute and chronic illness. In addition, one of her favorite modalities is BARS(TM) sessions, a form of healing work designed to clear stuck patterns and beliefs. ​


2:00 pm "Care and Feeding of the Soul; A Look at the Basic Teachings of Science of Mind" with Reverend Kimberly Hawkins, Center for Spiritual Living Rogue Valley

Reverend Kimberly Hawkins is an ordained Religious Science minister and the dynamic Spiritual Director of Center for Spiritual Living Rogue Valley in Medford, Oregon.  Rev. Kimberly has an M.A. in Counseling, with a background in teaching and counseling both at-risk and college-bound adolescents.  In addition, Rev. Kimberly spent ten years in television news as a reporter, morning anchor, and writer/producer of television documentaries and specials for PBS.


2:30 pm "Cultivating Inner & Outer Beauty" with Neeta Singh, founder of Neeta Naturals

Former model and Bollywood actor Neeta Singh is founder of Neeta Naturals, Born and brought up in India, Neeta combined her passion for beauty with years of studying beauty secrets from ancient Ayurveda to develop Neeta Natural’s product line. Living a life of natural and organic, Neeta personally believe the transformative power of scents and living a life in harmony with nature. Through her line of products Neeta is motivated to be supporting people with their self care journey.


3:00 pm "Learn More about Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library” with Lori Lorenz, M.A.

Lori Lorenz, MA has been with RVML for over 15 years as a volunteer and Board member.  Her lifelong study and exploration of spiritual paths, biology, physics and the unexplainable have contributed to RVML’s evolution into a longstanding community resource.  Lori has a Master’s degree in clinical psychology and works with severe trauma and abuse.

3:30 pm "5 Magic Keys to Self-Care" with Victoria Leo from Mystic Mish’s Psychic Boutique

Victoria Leo transforms lives, quickly and permanently, using her unique blend of hypnotherapy, Reiki and psychic vision.  She developed her 5 Magical Components program two years ago for her super-busy clients, who are happily carving out 5 dedicated minutes/day to develop the clear, creative mind and body that bring income as well as joy.  Victoria’s medically-tested non-drug program to beat chronic pain garners rave reviews, as do her online classes, local classes and 5 recent published books.

4:00 pm "The Endocannabinoid System" with Mary Jane Starre, R.N., IHMC

MaryJayne Starre is a Women’s Health Practitioner offering guidance and support in Integrative Health.  MaryJayne has served the community for 16 years as a midwife, and nurse birth attending, in home and hospital settings. Mary Jayne specializes in Integrative Medicine, Hormone/Menopause balance, Adrenal & Gut Health, Liver Detox and endocannabinoid body deficiencies.


4:30 pm "True Wealth~Tips for Inner & Outer Abundance" with Kathy Kali, Certified Financial Coach

Kathy Kali, Certified Financial Coach, has been teaching wealthy mindset & money management for over 10 years.  Kathy’s coaching works on inner & outer levels; helping you to resolve your biggest pain point with money and step into the abundant life you deserve!   The average household in her Money Makeover class pays off debt/saves $5000 in 3 months.   Her mission is to help working people make more money & build wealth in alignment with their values.


5:00 pm "Shamanic Transitions through Understanding the Medicine Wheel” with Linda M. Held, Intuitive Counselor

Linda Held offers intuitive readings, counseling, classes & spiritual retreats.  She encourages self-appreciation, beauty, spiritual development and movement to life’s rhythms.  Linda also provides tinctures & flower essences from her store made in Mt. Shasta.

5:30 pm  "What I Learned from Dying; My 5 Near-Death Experiences" with Victoria Sage

After experiencing at 5 years old the first of several near-death experiences , Victoria has gone on to create a life and career that blends a rich background as a Spiritual Counselor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trauma Resolution and Self-Care Coach, Speaker, Teacher, and Entrepreneur.  Eighteen years ago, she became a formal student within the Moon Walker (Apachean) lineage as passed uninterrupted from Mangus Coloradas (Mimbreno) and taught by lineage holder, Tu Moonwalker, (Dzil Łigai Si'án Ndee "People of the White Mountains" Apache/Maya) and Lane’ Sa'an Moonwalker (Yoeme/Yaqui).  Her training is continuous and on-going.  In April 2019, she will graduate as a Minister of Walking Prayer; a ministerial program created by the 'International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers'.

Come learn more on your journey and become aware of some of the healing leaders in our community.  If you would like to speak you must first become a vendor.  Please contact Kathy Kali at 541-450-0781/ to receive a vendor application.

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